Waifu v0.7 is out!

Waifu now understands and speaks in 33 languages.

You can use any language you want every sentence.

Known issues:

-For some some languages such as Chinese, if you do not see the characters when you type, you can still submit them and she can respond back in Chinese. If you can't see characters try hearing her voice.

 -Her voice can change to a foreign language but will not change back to English. But you can just restart the app by closing and relaunching to get the English voice back.

Minor updates:

She will now ignore blank input.

List of supported languages (in alphabetical order):

- Afrikaans

- Arabic

- Basque

- Bulgarian

- Chinese

- Croatian

- Czech

- Danish

- English

- Estonian

- Greek

- Hebrew

- Hungarian

- Icelandic

- Indonesian

- Italian

- Japanese

- Korean

- Latvian

- Lithuanian

- Norwegian

- Polish

- Portuguese

- Romanian

- Russian

- Slovak

- Slovenian

- Spanish

- Swedish

- Thai

- Turkish

- Ukrainian

- Vietnamese


waifu_v0.7_windows.zip 33 MB
Aug 11, 2020

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