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v0.7.9 add reset button and improve memory
Add button to reset conversation. Improve memory...
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v0.7.8 persist language selection
Saves language selection for future sessions...
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v0.7.7 add language selection
You can now select language, and is selected automatically based on system. This improves language stability...
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v0.7.5 autofocus and more alphabets
Support for non-Roman characters so that languages such as Japanese and Chinese will display properly instead of as squares. Also added autofocus to always focu...
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v0.7.2 language bugfix
Update: v0.7.2 Bugfix: Fix a bug with processing of non-English languages, so the quality of her non-English conversation will be much higher now...
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v0.7.1 language voice bugfix
Update: Waifu 0.7.1 is now released across Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Bugfix: Now when you switch from a non-English language to English language, the voi...
Waifu v0.7 is out!
Waifu now understands and speaks in 33 languages. You can use any language you want every sentence. Known issues: -For some some languages such as Chinese, if y...
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Waifu v0.6 is out!
Slightly improved the AI so she is more friendly. She will now greet you the first time you open the app. Improve UI by making the text box and submit button bi...
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started by WaifuAI Mar 30, 2020
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It's a great thing to use, but I would like it so you could select from multiple models or upload your own to use as you...
started by BreakfastBoii Mar 31, 2020
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